Mechanicy chcą podwyżek oraz zmniejszenia liczby godzin pracy w nocy, w weekendy oraz święta (out-of-hours).

Senior maintenance engineers have voted to take industrial action against Qantas for the first time in the airline's history.

Planes could be grounded and flights disrupted if the industrial action stalls maintenance work.

The engineers will meet in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne today to decide what action to take after seven months of talks with Qantas failed.

Catherine Bolger, from the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, says the workers want the same pay rise as other Qantas staff and less out-of-hours work.

"The fact that 98 per cent of our members have voted in favour of action is extraordinary," she said.

"There have recently been occurrences where in a 24-hour period some senior engineers were required to respond to complex engineering issues with less than five hours sleep between jobs.

"We need better ways of managing fatigue."

But Qantas is refusing to give in to the looming action.

The workers are required to sign off on major maintenance work but the airline's David Epstein says Qantas can make do without them.

"We won't be giving in to this ... should there be industrial disruption," he said.
Industrial action could ground Qantas planes - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)