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    Najważniejsze założenia nowej strategi:

    *SYD-EZE dumped for SYD-SCL (early 2012)
    *QF1/2 and QF 29/30 LHR tags dropped - QF to keep LHR slots and lease to BA (early 2012)
    *BA dropping 1x Australia service (BKK I presume)
    *BA-QF JSA to now only focus on SIN.
    *New Premium airline to be launched in Asia somewhere with a requirement of up to 11 A320s
    *Jetstar Japan to launch with "rapid" growth of up to 24 320s
    *Focus on Australia-Asia flying with more frequencies from Australian gateways
    *New lounges in HKG, SIN and LAX
    *9x 744s to have interiors updated to "380" standard.
    *4x 744 to be retired early.
    *6x 380s to be deferred from FY14-16 to FY19 and beyond - the deferred aircraft become replacement for 744ER
    oraz duże zamówienie dla JetStar.
    Qantas has selected for the first time Airbus A320 aircraft to launch its new premium airline to service routes to/from Australia and the Asian region. In addition, Jetstar has selected the Airbus A320 to continue its growth in Australia and Asia. The commitment to order a minimum of 106 A320 Family aircraft includes 78 A320neo jets, making Qantas the latest airline to select the world’s best selling single-aisle aircraft.
    The decision to go with Airbus for its short to medium haul operations underpins the Qantas long term strategy to build up a fleet of the world’s most fuel efficient and reliable aircraft.
    “We are delighted to be investing in Airbus’ fuel efficient A320 Family, including the new A320neo as part of Qantas’ international transformation plan and Jetstar’s pan-Asian expansion.” said Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO. “The A320 Family’s outstanding operational efficiency and comfort, paired with its environmental credentials, make it the right choice for Qantas.”
    “Qantas is an exceptionally forward looking and pioneering airline and we are delighted to play such a significant role in the company’s future strategy.” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers. “In a fiercely competitive market this is a great endorsement for our eco-efficient A320neo and A320 aircraft with their unique passenger appeal thanks to their wider cabin.”
    The A320neo is a new engine option for the A320 Family to enter service in 2015. It incorporates latest generation engines and large "Sharklet" wing tip devices, which together will deliver 15 percent in fuel and CO2 emission savings.
    In parallel with this new order, Qantas has decided to adapt deliveries of the last six of its twenty A380s to the airline’s new business plan. This affects deliveries after 2013.
    At present, Qantas’ A380 fleet stands at ten, making the carrier the third largest A380 operator worldwide.
    A320 Family orders to date already exceed 7,800, reaffirming its position as the world’s best-selling single-aisle aircraft family. To date over 4,700 have been delivered to over 330 customers and operators worldwide. The A320neo has over 95 percent airframe commonality with the existing A320 models while offering up to 500 nautical miles (950 kilometres) more range or two tonnes more payload. It is offered with engines from CFM International’s LEAP-X or Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower PW1100G.
    Qantas will make its engine decision at a later date.
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