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    Domyślnie 2019.01.17 - ANA B788 - zgaśnięcie dwóch silników po lądowaniu w Osace


    An ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-8, registration JA825A performing flight NH-985 from Tokyo Haneda to Osaka Itami (Japan) with 109 passengers and 9 crew, landed on Itami's runway 32L, touched down, the crew deployed the thrust reversers when both engines (Trent 1000) rolled back and shut down. The aircraft rolled out without further incident, came to a stop about 2450 meters/8030 feet down the runway and was disabled. The aircraft was towed off the runway about 40 minutes after landing.

    The airline is investigating the cause of both engines shutting down unexpectedly. First examinations by maintenance dispatched from Tokyo do not suggest any anomalies with the engines.
    Incident: ANA B788 at Osaka on Jan 17th 2019, both engines rolled back after landing

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    Zwykle takie historie (dwa silniki na raz) to zanieczyszczone paliwo, ale biorac pod uwage ze lecieli z Hanedy a nie np. Lagos (mielismy kilka przypadkow operator ktorzy mieli problem tam) to w sumie interesujacy przypadek

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    Sa mozliwe wytlumaczenia:

    It’s worth noting that a bulletin was released by Boeing not so long ago to pilots and maintenance crew about the Thrust Control Malfunction Accommodation (TCMA) system, which prevents risk in an uncommanded high-thrust situation, stating that errors in the landing sequence could cause the system to activate. The errors include a combination of selecting full reverse too quickly before the aircraft has transitioned to ground mode followed by a quick deactivation of reverse thrust. Boeing advises not to apply full reverse too quickly in the bulletin.

    Despite this bulletin, its important to understand that another factor could have caused this incident and a proper explanation will be released once a thorough investigation has been complete by the appropriate members.

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