Hi friends,
I want to propose you an interesting airplane from Ukraine, which has (for me) optional ratio: quality/ price:

T-10 "Frigate" - very light multipurpose aircraft

T-10"Frigate" is a two-seater with an enclosed side-by-side ventilated cockpit with an excellent view. The airplane is intended for pilot training, crop spraying, aerial patrolling and monitoring, as well as just for fun. Its crops-spraying Agro- modification accommodates a variety of strap-on equipment.
In its aerodynamic configuration Avia-Tor presents a high-winged braced airplane with puller engine. Its tricycle non-retractable landing gear, consisting of a self-centering nose wheel and brake main wheels, enables it to operate from ground, grass and paved runways. Upon the nose strut is mounted a shimmy damper. There is an opportunity of ski and float-type landing gear installation (in tail wheel variant)
The airplane is powered by the Australian-made Rotax 912 ULS/S 100 HP four-stroke piston engine rotating a 1.86 m two-blade fixed-pitch wooden propeller. Avia-Tor has a maximum speed of 190 km/h, a cruising speed of 150 km/h and up to 6 m/s maximum climb rate. On customer’s demands engine Jabiru 2200(80 HP) or Rotax 912/912UL (80 HP) can be installed. The wing tank's volume of 80 liters (Ai-98 gasoline) provides the maximal range of flight up to 800 km or maximal flight duration of 7 hours. The average fuel consumption rate (at 75% power) is 15 Lt. per hour.
The airplane has a single-spar (front spar and false spar) all-wooden wing. The bonded wooden structure of wing longitudinal load-bearing elements provides it’s good operating fatigue characteristics. Wingtips and ribs are executed from fiberglass. The wing and horizontal empennage are foldable , which markedly facilitates the airplane's assembly, disassembly, transportation and storage. The wing and empennage are covered with synthetic fabric DIATEX . Wing span is 9.14 m, wing area -13.70 qm.
The airplane fuselage frame work has truss structure, made of stainless steel. Its maximum takeoff mass is 550 kg, payload mass — 240 kg, length - 6.65 m, height - 2.71 m. The maximum acceleration loads experienced by its pilot are +4/ -2 G.
The airplane is equipped with flight and navigation equipment providing the flight under visual flight rules. On Customer's re¬quirement onboard T-10 can be installed the radio communications equipment and ad¬ditional avionics.
The airplane's performance makes it suitable for piloting by virtually anyone who wishes so and has received a necessary theoretical and practical training.
The airplane design makes all provisions for the crew salvation in emergency, flight safe¬ty at low altitudes, maintainability and repairability. As an additional option, it can be equipped with a “KS-500-2” parachute recovery system (airplane with crew life-saving parachute system) supplied by MVEN Ltd of Russia.
"Frigate" has been designed in 2002 and now is built serially in Kharkov city. An application for a type certificate in compliance with JAR/VLA design standard is submitted to the Aviation Administration of Ukraine.The certification process started and by the end of this year Manufactuter "TMM-Avia" will have a type certificate!

The plane is available like readr-to-fly( 43 050€ /EXW Kharkov/ ) or quick-build Kit (21 600€ /EXW Kharkov/ )

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