Robinson zaprezentowal nowa maszyne - R66 ktora ma byc bezposrednia konkurencja dla Bell 206. Z ciekawostek, smiglowiec bedzie napedzany nowym 300 KM silnikiem RR. W tylnym rzedzie bedzie miejsce dla trojki pasazerow.

Robinson Helicopter has registered the first Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter with the US Federal Aviation Administration as the new generation machine - registration N466R - is unmasked for the first time by the Robinson Helicopter Owners Group.

Robinson, the world's largest producer of helicopters, launched the R66 in March as a direct competitor to the Bell 206. The aircraft will be powered by the all-new 300shp (225kW) Rolls-Royce RR300 turboshaft engine.

The R66 Turbine is about 20cm (8in) wider than its piston-powered R44 sibling and will seat three-abreast in the back and will be the first Robinson helicopter to have a baggage compartment. The two-blade main rotor has the same diameter as that of the R44, but is 20cm taller.