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    Mar 2016

    Domyślnie Flight around Europe / Lot dookola Europy


    Hi there / Cześć,

    I am planning a flight around continental part of Europe this summer. Flight is going to be around 50 flight hours, total trip time is going to be around 2-3 weeks. Now I am planning, that flight is going to be between Olympic games and European football championship. We are going to fly wit 4 seated SE aircraft, probably it is going to be Cessna 172. I am looking for another pilot for this flight, also there is one empty seat in the back for the passenger.
    Everyone who is interested please contact me +37060749760 or robertas.ma@gmail.com

    A bit about me:
    From Vilnius.
    I am Lithuanian, but my blood is half Polish.
    I speak - English, Russian, Lithuanian, a little Spanish, understand Polish.
    Licenses - Canadian CPL, EASA PPL.

    Thanx / Dziękuję

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    Mar 2016



    Dates for the flight has been decided: July 13 - April 3.

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