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    Jul 2017

    Domyślnie Carry-on baggage weight enforcement


    I am traveling on Lufthansa Airlines for the first time. Some European Airlines are pretty strict on carry-on luggage weight limits (Icelandic Air). Somebody posted their startup video from 2010 flying from Seattle. Does anybody have some more recent experience? We are flying from New York to Dubrovnik Croatia and really do not want to give the airlines the opportunity to lose our luggage.
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    Lufthansa can be pretty strict about carry on baggage. Not so much in NYC probably, but for the short hop on a smaller plane they may very well be enforcing their limits (and they are pretty strict weight wise). They mainly do that do discourage people on HBO (no checked luggage fares) so if you'd be otherwise entitled to a bag in the plane belly they have a lesser incentive to harass you.

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    They wanted me to put my carry on backpack on a scale both times I flew in July. They attached a tag with an actual weight handwritten on it. And oh, it was LOT Polish Airlines.

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    Lnie lotnicze potrafa byc bardzo strict jesli chodzi o wage bagazu podrecznego, praktycznie kazdy teraz wazy dla porzadku, jesli tylko lekko przekroczysz wage nic sie moze nie dziac ale sprobuj grubo przekroczyc wage - beda problemy, mi sie to raz zdarzylo bo mialem male wymiarowo ale dosc ciezkie elementy sprzetu do nurkowania.

    In English:

    Airlines can be very strict about carry-on weight limits, practically everybody weighs them these days per standard procedure, exceed the limit by a kilogram or two and nothing may happen but exceed by more and the carry-on may be taken from you and checked-in (and fees may apply). It happened to me once when I was carrying small but heavy parts of scuba diving equipment in my carry-on.
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